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BM Studios and Photography is a photography and videography company rendering a service to clients to create digital memory and capturing moments that are significant in the life of our clients. Our company is committed to provide exclusive content by means of documentary, reviews, modelling profile and other branding services. We are committed to provide professional service in photography and videography, while continuing to be innovative by producing new ideas and concepts. In addition we provide graphic design services and branding. BM Studios

“passionate about perfection”

Starting out as a pro photographer is very exciting.  It’s fun to realize that a photography hobby can also be a great way to earn a little extra money on the side.  Unfortunately, I have seen dozens and dozens of photographers start out with all the excitement in the world, but eventually fail as a pro photographer.  Oh, and I’d hardly exclude myself from this group.

Sometimes the failure means they simply don’t find enough clients, sometimes that failure means getting sued, sometimes that failure means losing more than you gain, but most often…. that failure occurs when–one year into running the side business–the photographer realizes that it just isn’t bringing in enough money to be worth thier time.